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Are you frustrated because you can never get ahead financially?

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The fastest path to real estate investing:

  • Without A Ton of Cash

  • Without A Perfect Credit Score.

  • Without A Real Estate License or a Realtor (Most Realtors don’t even know this)

“Thank you Jo Anna Wright! 3 months into your program and I bought my first investment property today! I’m grateful for your coaching, leadership and your creative thinking to help us think big and take action!” ~ Adalia

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Frustrated Because You Can Never Get Ahead Financially?

DISCOVER the Secrets to Building Wealth and Creating Financial Freedom!

Women Investors

No longer is money taboo, lets create and collaborate.

No longer is the MAN an answer to your financial goals, that went out in the 50’s. So, lets make sure you stay financially secure with the safest asset out there, Real Estate.

This is the only asset that you can secure with a deed of trust and insure to protect your money. You can’t say that about the stock market. Weather you have cash to invest, lazy assets (old 401k or IRA) or don’t have a dime.

I can show you a personalized path for you to build your wealth, so you can enjoy your life. Have the confidence to travel the world and know your assets are there to protect you.

Real Estate is the #1 vehicle to wealth, so why not.

Wealth for Entrepreneurs

Tax strategies to keep more of the money you make.

Living client to client can seem frustrating. You know you can get out there and build your clientele…if you just had the money. I get it, there is the chicken before the egg scenario when it comes to entrepreneurship. If I could show you a way to capitalize on your money so you can have the security to run your business, hire the people you need to systemize it. Would you be interested?


Is your business flourishing? You don’t have time to learn something new? What I know is, If you don’t have multiple streams of income coming in, you are heading for disaster. Real Estate is the #1 choice for billionairs for assets to either protect them or to sock away some money and get a TAX BREAK. Whichever the case, real estate is the answer. I can help you to minimize your taxes and keep more of the money you make. Now is the time to build wealth!

Fire Your Boss

Why being an entrepreneur is important in the next 5 years.

W-2 world is disappearing for so many industries. If you are not striving for entrepreneurship you just may be left to poor side of our country because the “middle class” is being wiped out!

This is the fate of most but you can change it if you want to. Weather you are flipping burgers or you are a high end executive. I too was in the W-2 world so many years ago. It is no longer a “safe and steady” paycheck. You are lucky if someone holds on to you for a year – much less until you retire. There are becoming more and more cheaper ways to replace you. Build your wealth while you still have income and then you don’t have to rely on it when you are laid off, fired or quit! Have the power to FIRE your boss! I can show you a proven plan to do so.

For Complementary Strategy Session

It’s not important what experience you have because Jo Anna will teach you in depth knowledge of how real estate investing, entrepreneur and Tax strategies work. Surround yourself with real like minded women who want to learn and make the financial change of their life.

Our community has been able to bring together top real estate investors & business experts from across the nation.. The training program is designed specifically for wealth building strategies. Jo Anna will mentor you as you go through this educational process.

The Training specializes in training individuals the right way to build your home based business and excel with multiple real estate investment strategies to help you build wealth.

Strategies which our students learn include:

  • Where to find the best real estate deals,

  • Tax & Legal Strategies-How to structure your real estate & home based business for each deal, asset protection and more

  • Save 2/3rds on your taxes

  • How to be a passive investor or an active investor

  • Real Estate Red Flags

  • Pay a 30 year mortgage in 7-10 years without changing your lifestyle

  • Creative Acquisition & Exit Strategies

  • Creative Financing, No Money/No Credit Property Acquisition

  • Hard Money & Private Money Lending,

  • Wholesaling

  • Marketing to explode your business

  • Real Estate 101

  • IRA – how to get it and use it to your financial advantage

  • Buy & Hold – Rentals & Lease Options

  • Credit Management

  • and yes, there’s much more,

She believes that EVERYONE from the poor to the rich can benefit from this education.

Join us as a Community

The Community is the support you need to create a successful business.

It’s a crazy atmosphere these days. Paychecks aren’t getting bigger, jobs are still in turmoil, taxes, prices of goods will keep on rising. No matter what most of us do, we can’t seem to get out of the paycheck to paycheck grind, and many are still struggling to find jobs. Here we welcome you with open arms as long as you are a hard worker, you put in the effort, and you run an ethical business practice. Financial change isn’t easy but in the right direction with guidance, it can occur in a fairly decent amount of time! Now is the time to learn up to date strategies on real estate investing. Our instructors are real estate investors first and teachers second. We strive on building real estate investing communities around the nation so that you have local support when you need to overcome the four biggest obstacles in real estate investing!

It doesn’t matter where you live in the nation, or what education or experience you have. We will personally train you, live and online, but you must be able to invest a little time and money towards your business if you want to succeed as with any business. Everybody from Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals, Contractors, Mechanics, Business Owners, Stay at Home Mom’s, ANYONE can succeed with applying our training programs.

Real Testimonials from Real People

I cannot describe how grateful I am. I would have never imagine that my mortgage loan and car loan could be paid off within 3 years and 1 month without making any drastic financial changes. Your program literally saved me $55K on mortgage interest that I was never aware the bank was making of my loan.

I am sincerely appreciate the fact that you took time and effort to explain. With your help I was able to save $300 instantly within days of enrolling in your program. It’s empowering to be able to manage 100% of my hard earned money online to pay off my house in record time.


School Teacher

The only obstacle I can think of for not working with Jo Anna is my own lack of understanding the process which would limit my moving forward. I learned a lot about the real estate industry that I had not known prior to working with Jo Anna and if I did not understand something she would try to explain it in a way that I could comprehend. She is knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated to help you succeed and that is why I would recommend working with her. She will help you break those barriers that prevent you from your success in real estate.

Pam Barrett

I brought my daughter to a cashflow game night. She is 14 and was getting frustrated with it. Jo Anna Stepped up to help her. My daughter totally grasped on to It and couldn’t talk about nothing else on the way home. She learned so much and recently helped my wife with a financial real estate situation and she was right. My hats off to Jo Anna for going above and beyond to help my daughter.

Jose T

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